• Ciao Italia. The Jolla-Devices Video Blog has published a review of the Volla Phone, a smartphone, that is focussed on simplicity and privacy:

    Volla Phone: the extended review of 2 prototypes on early 2020)

    My startup will soon start a crowdfunding campaign. You can regsiter here to be notified about the launch.

    Let me know, if you ave any questions.

  • Hello micro.blog friends. I wish you and your friends and family blessed Chritmas or just a refreshing end of the year with a break from daily stuff. Those of you who are already looking forward to the new year can already register on the homepage of my company to be informed about the start of the next campaign for the Volla Phone. Thanks to everyone who supported me and my team and for the inspiring discussion here about the use and integration of micro.blog into our homepage and our full OS.

  • Deas someone know someone, who is working on an Android app for Micro.blog? I would like to integrate the system in the OS of your Volla Phone, a smartphone with a focus on simplicity and privacy.

  • I’m struggling with micro.blog. I have tried it since it was stsrted after the Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately it’s not possible to get in contact with people or to reach any audience. I thnk the conceptual problem of micro.blog is, that I can’t search for interesting people and posts. Maybe it’s time to say good bye to micro.blog. My hope was to have an alternative to Twitter, without censorship and manipulation.

  • One example for a new mobile user experience: Just start typing. Chechout our Kickstarter campaign.

  • My crowd funding campaign for a smartphone, that offers freedom though simplicity and privacy.

    I have started the Kickstarter campaign for the VollaPhone. It’s a smartphone for the users freedom by simplicity and privacy. It comes with a pure Android without Google Apps and Services and a new operation concept: Just start typing and the device anticipates, whtat you want to do. Many thanks for every recommendation. Your questions and comments are welcome.

  • Thanks to Marc Brands for the photo of our location.

  • The event location of our hackathon. Let’s work on an alternative for Android and iOS that respects our privacy and freedom. Maybe Micro blog should be integrated in this system by default.

  • Today I order mobile devices as a prize for our hackathon. Are there any SailfishOS, Nemo Mobile or UBports developer in this community? My new company prepares a smartphone based on a FOSS operation system with a new user experience.

  • Community days with hackathon

    The Volla Community Days with a hackathon are aimed at developers, founders, foundations and companies to work together on a successfull open source alternative to Android and iOS. Especially invited are supporters of the communities of Sailfish OS, Nemo Mobile and UBports. The company behind Volla is developing a smartphone with a pre-installed alternative that respects users’ privacy and offers a new, simple user experience. The event takes place from 18 to 19 May 2019 in Remscheid, Germany.

  • Are there some entrepreneurs or developers in this community, which are working on or looking for an alternative mobile OS? Sailfish OS, Plasma Mobile, UBPorts, Halium? I’m looking for synergies.

  • How do you think about the #Telegram plan for a #decentralized internet with #DApps? We need a shift to user powered network.

  • Testing the micro.blog #app for #macOS #HighSierra. Great minimalistic client for a #independent #twitter alternative for the #freedom of speech.

  • Last day to vote for music instruments in a #fundraising campaign of a local bank. The instruments would be used for music projects at the school of my niece: Vote now for free

  • #FreedomOfSpeech, #FreedomOfThoughts and #OpenSociety with @microdotblog without #censorship and manipulated timeline by #AI. It’s a free decentralised #SocialNetwork.

  • #Micro.blog is using #Gravatar. This is a serious #privacy #leak. My secrity filters the icons out on my desctop, but not in thr #iOS app. There should be an alternative.

  • @manton The authpr icons of #MicroBlog in the web app are invisibvle. I can only see the frames.

  • It would be great to have a font size in the #iOS #app, that is derrived from the system setzings. It’s essential for visually impaired users.

  • My first msrk down test of Micro.blog with a recommendation of my favorite project and #app Instantli

  • Who is hosting the comments and re-posts, if I host my own Micro.blog? RSS is a oublishing format in only one direction.

  • Browsing around Micro.blog with my #SailfishOS device. The user experiance is a new reference for me.

  • Has any of the early adopter an idea, how to add a profile foto?

  • My start at Micro.blog as an entrepreneur, philosopher and curious person looking for innovations, ideas and opportunities.

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